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Lali Puna


Left Handed


Morr Music

CD5 / 12inch

Lali Puna CD5 cover'Left Handed' is a 3 song EP fesaturing two versions of the song Left Handed, and another song called Together In Electric Dreams. Lali Puna have been making incredible music that brings together fans of several genres in mutual admiration of their craft. Fans of pop can latch onto the melodies, fans of dreamy electronica (like the label Enraptured used to put out) can drift to Lali Puna's soundscapes, fans of Ladytron can vogue to the monotone accented vocals of Valerie Trebeljahr, and fans of electronic tech-house can groove to the sharp music of Marcus Acher, who also plays in Notwist and Tied & Tickled Trio.

Completing the band are Christoph Brander (who also plays in Console, Tied & Tickled Trio, and Pelzig), and Florian Zimmer (who also plays in Iso 64).

Left Handed features Max Punktezahl of Contriva on guitar. His jazzy chords and modern rhythms complement the song very well. The overall feel is fike a happier Cure or New Order, but thoroughly modern - not a retro re-creation. Valerie's voice is at times sharp and spoken, and at times soft and flowing. Left Handed is really quite catchy!

Left Handed Dub is an instrumental version of the track that brings out the angular electronics of the original version. A reggae dub beat becomes the center of the cut, with the dissonant guitar part of the original slicing in and out of the clipped rhythm. Balancing the rhythmic bed are floating synths only hinted at in a dreamy fashion.

Together In Electronic Dreams is a slower vocal track that sounds similar to Left Handed at first. There is a rich bass hook that pulls you right into the song, and the spoken voice of Valerie Trebeljahr. But this track is much different than Left Handed. It does not have that cool guitar work and there are no electronic shards dropping in. This is the song to float off to. There is a percussive clicking rhythm that becomes the center of attention without ever forcing itself to the fore.

A very nice EP that I am glad to have heard. The order the songs appear on the disc is also my order of preference for the songs. I really love the track Left Handed!

---Carl, July 15, 2003