gullbuy music review

July 15, 2003

  • Go Girl - Dream Babes Volume 4

    various artists
    label:: RPM

    Dream Babes just keeps getting better and better the further along the Dream Team ( St. Etienne's Bob Stanley , RPM Records' Mark Stratford , Kieron Tyler and Mick Patrick ) get, and Go Girl - Dream Babes Volume Four is yet another incredible romp into the 1960s Brit Girl Group Singer Sound.

    The Dream Team this time around have centered their attention on the groups, the superstars and the Northern Soul Classics.

  • Hang All DJ's Volume 2 - Soulwax

    various artists
    label:: Head Traxx Inc

    The second volume of the 'hang all dj's' series is more of a well chosen mixed compilation than a collection of bootlegs/mashups.

    If you can find this comp (or ANY in the 2 many dj's series), my advice is to buy it. I still think that Soulwax is the best thing going.

  • Lali Puna

    title:: Left Handed
    label:: Morr Music

    'Left Handed' is a 3 song EP fesaturing two versions of the song Left Handed, and another song called Together In Electric Dreams.

    A very nice EP that I am glad to have heard. The order the songs appear on the disc is also my order of preference for the songs. I really love the track Left Handed!

  • Northern Electronic

    various artists
    label:: Discograph

    There indeed is a renaissance of synthcore electronic music coming out of the north of England and the Northern Electronic compilation is the proof in the pudding.

    Discograph (a French label) has collected the finest in music from the northern electronic music scene of the UK, mainly from Manchester and Sheffield. The land of Cabaret Voltaire and Pulp is a thriving scene of rocking electro tunes, and Northern Electronic is a fresh goldmine and most certainly will be one of my favorite compilations of the year. Artists included are Fat Truckers, Stazi, White Trash, I Monster, Kings Have Long Arms, Mum & Dad, Hiem, Dog Ruff, and Prinz Bambi.