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Clashcorner #1


Why You Were There


Parisonic Records


Clashcorner #1 12inch coverThis 12inch is a side project of Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collins who record together as Volga Select.

Volga Select put out a 12inch on Output Records called Unconditional Discipline of the Bastard Prince. The title song of that single appeared on both Tiga's DJ Kicks compilation and the Output sampler 'Channel 2 - A Compilation of Output Recordings.'

Ivan Smagghe is better known to us as Black Strobe, author of such killer tracks as Me and Madonna and Innerstrings. Ivan Smagghe is a Parisian who has been involved in various underground music scenes, and who worked at the (now closed) Paris Rough Trade shop in the Bastille district. Last year as Ivan Smagghe he dropped a great mix record on us called 'Hard.'

Both songs on this 12inch are taken from an upcoming Clashcorner #1 full length called 'Dirty Sounds From A Digital Life.' I like the slogan of Parisonic Records - "Stay underground. It pays."

The A-side has the Ivan Smagghe & Marc Collin original mix. The sound is similar to Bangkok Impact, with the beat dominating a small amount of vocoder vocals.

On the B-side is the Black Ltd Light Clashed Re-Edit, with additional vocals by Volga Select's Camille Feildel. Her vocals are treated with the vocoder type effect that removes any trace of gender from the vocal.

The sound is a bit like the NY band Metro Area. We are talking disco, but not anything that will please the bridge and tunnel set or the social mover nightclub predators. This is darker music for crazy lives that enjoy the comfort of a steady beat in their nitelife diet.

---Carl, July 1, 2003