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Tiga DJ Kicks



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Data 80 CD coverIt seems to me that everything Tiga touches turns to gold. The Montreal-based DJ definitely has the touch. I won't get into the here's and now's of the electro movement as it applies to Tiga because even though he finds himself immersed in it, he also seems to be able to rise above it. I think that has a lot to do with years of experience working in techno and electro throughout the years, and the fact that he is not out for the cheap thrills. Tiga digs to the marrow of a sound, and presents only the most crucial aspects.

One thing I found in Tiga's DJ Kicks session, was just how amazing the sound quality is. The whole mix has a velvety sound to it, fitting for a cd with artwork featuring a reclining Tiga looking like a boytoy on red velvety couch. It turns out, from reading an interview with Tiga, that he spent some money on some new high end gear to make sure that this mix was as high quality as it could be, and it really shows. Often, it seems mix cds are raw versions of someone's live dj set as it might be heard in a club, often sacrificing recording sound quality in the process. Tiga has put that extra bit of effort into making sure this cd sounds super-fine and it does sounds amazing. Maybe Tiga will help start a trend for better sounding mixes in the future, in the same way that he is able to find the best artists for that year's sound.

My favorite mixes that Tiga does here are right in the beginning from tracks 1 through 7, with the Adult remix of Radio Jolly by Jolly Music, the Playgroup instrumental of Chromeo's You're so gangsta, the 2raumwohnung club mix of Ich und Elaine, and ending on the amazing DFA remix of Decepticon - by Le Tigre. James Murphy's 'DFA remix' of Le Tigre's Decepticon ends a perfect beginning of dirty electro with a disco vibe that sounds amazing. Things get more Techpoppy with the likes of Soft Cell and Antonelli Electr., and Tiga & Zyntherius' Dying in Beauty which has cool New Order/Cure styled guitar strums. Somehow Tiga has mastered the New Order rhythms and guitar sound really well, without ever really using them in his mixes.

My other favorite part of the mix is about 3/4 in when we get some perfect synths in syncho, as only Tiga can do it (from tracks 17-21). From the layered synths rhythm fest of Offpop's Lowrider to the sub-bass / dub workout of M.A.N.D.Y.'s Home Again which harks back to the minimal techno days, this is another great section of the mix which will take anyone into the wee hours of the night. Tiga ends with a more mellow, humorous tip, by including the Black Strobe mix of the Biggest Fan by the Martini Bros and Tiga's own version of Madame Hollywood. I definitely think that I will want to look more into a lot of the artists that Tiga has seamlessly mixed here.

---Patrick, April 22, 2003