gullbuy music review

July 1, 2003

  • Clashcorner #1

    title:: Why You Were There
    label:: Parisonic Records

    The A-side has the Ivan Smagghe & Marc Collin original mix. The sound is similar to Bangkok Impact, with the beat dominating a small amount of vocoder vocals. On the B-side is the Black Ltd Light Clashed Re-Edit, with additional vocals by Volga Select's Camille Feildel.

    This 12inch is a side project of Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collins who record together as Volga Select.

  • The Delmonas

    title:: Do the Uncle Willy
    label:: Get Hip

    A real treat for any fan of Thee Headcoatees, Holly GoLightly, or Billy Childish. The Delmonas are basically an early version of Thee Headcoatees before Holly GoLightly or Kyra LaRubia came around. The vocalists in The Delmonas were Sarah (aka Ludella Black), Louise and Hilary. Their sound is exactly like Thee Headcoatees, as both bands were put together and musically driven by Billy Childish.

    A very fine disc that will appeal to many many folks (though only a few will hear it!).

  • Playgroup

    title:: Make It Happen - Soulwax + Midnight Mike remixes - Ewan Pearson + Zongamin remixes
    label:: Output Records

    What we are holding in our hands today is the second coming of the debut single from Playgroup. Make It Happen features Kyra from Thee Headcoatees / The Delmonas on vocals. It is a great track that almost anyone could enjoy. Spread between these two 12inch singles are six new versions of the track.

    A strong set of platters containing tracks that a Playgroup fan will want to hear.

  • Stark Reality

    title:: Now
    label:: Stones Throw

    Stone Throw does wonders by reissuing this ultra rare, ultra far-out Stark Reality double lp album from 1970. Now includes the bulk of the Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop album which is without a doubt the most tripped out children's record ever, and just for that it should be out on cd to be listened to by the masses.

    And while it's definitely worthy of any underground hype it's received over the years, my final conclusion is that it is a failed masterpiece.

  • Big Jim Sullivan

    title:: Sitar Beat
    label:: RPM Mood Mosaic

    Big Jim Sullivan is a name most of us are probably not acquainted with, but don't be shocked to learn that you have no doubt heard his guitar playing - not just once, but perhaps thousands of times. That's because he is one of the most sought after session guitarist in the UK, and has played on over 1,000 chart entries - acts as diverse as The Kinks, Herman's Hermits, Lulu, Cat Stevens, and Olivia Newton-John.

    Big Jim Sullivan was also pretty much the only session musician in the UK, in the 60s who could play sitar, something he took very seriously and did not treat as a gimmick. This cd is the first time ever that Big Jim's album Sitar Beat has been put out on cd, and it's a lovely treat. It's a great sitar recording, as well as a time capsule of 1960s easy instrumental music. I'm glad to see this album and it's extra tracks finally get a cd reissue.