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The Delmonas


Do the Uncle Willy


Get Hip


Massive Attack Special Cases 12inch coverA real treat for any fan of Thee Headcoatees, Holly GoLightly, or Billy Childish. The Delmonas are basically an early version of Thee Headcoatees before Holly GoLightly or Kyra LaRubia came around.

The vocalists in The Delmonas were Sarah (later to become Ludella Black), Louise (then Mrs Bruce Brand of Milkshake and Headcoats fame) and Hilary (then Mrs Russ Wilkins of the Milkshakes and Wildebeests fame). Their sound is exactly like Thee Headcoatees, as both bands were put together and musically driven by Billy Childish.

Only a few songs on 'Do the Uncle Willy' are repeated form their 1985 'Dangerous Charms' LP - and those tracks are completely different on this record. 'Dangerous Charms' compiled their two EPs on Ace Records, along with some live BBC recordings. The songs which also appear on 'Dangerous Charms' are Farmer John, Dangerous Charms, You Did Him Wrong (here called I Did Him Wrong) and You Can't Sit Down (here called Ca'rnt Sit Down). That's only four songs on a 14 song disc. Ten songs I haven't heard before - many of them quite excellent.

The disc starts off with The Delmonas version of The Stooges song I Feel Alright. The energy level is high and the song is not just a blase cover version.

Heard About Him sounds very similar to Holly GoLightly in the vocal department. It is a slower song that is one of my faves.

Farmer John is a 60s song I know from the Nuggets box set. The Delmonas version also is on a Damaged Goods label sampler. I like this track but have been overexposed to it.

Ca'rnt Sit Down is a fast song that rocks out like an early Beatles song. It is one of my faves on the disc, as are Black Ludella, I Did Him Wrong, Jealousy and Lie Detector. Jealousy sounds like prime Buzzcocks. Black Ludella is my favorite cut on the record, and the one I can't get out of my head.

A very fine disc that will appeal to many many folks (though only a few will hear it!).

---Carl, July 1, 2003