gullbuy music review

March 4, 2003

  • Ben Klock

    title:: Tag Der Arbeit b-w Invasion
    label:: Bpitch Control

    Ben Klock is the same person who recorded as Ben E. Clock on WMF's debut compilation 'Night Effect.'

    I no longer buy a single just because it is on Bpitch control (there are so many!). I listen to every new release. Ben Klock's 12inch was an easy choice to put in my bag. It is a solid single.

  • Popchor Berlin

    title:: Popchor Berlin feat. Schneider tm, Kissogram, Reverend Ch. D., Novack
    label:: Flittchen Records

    Popchor Berlin is a 25 person choir formed by Flittchen Records co-owner Almut Klotz.

    Popchor Berlin has some resemblance to another current chorus band, The Polyphonic Spree. There are 5 tracks on the EP, all of them covers.

  • 2 many dj's pt.4

    artist:: Soulwax
    label:: Waxed Soul Records

    What has become it's own special brand of DJ mix cds, Soulwax have not only kept the bar high, but have kept the quality as high, if not higher than the previous volumes.

    Soulwax have created a hybrid mix cd halfway between a regular mix cd of favorite tracks running the gamut of styles, with the highend DJ sessions which only the really great DJs can mix on the fly.

  • 386 DX

    title:: The Best of 386 DX
    label:: Staalplaat

    A surprisingly varied and human sounding disc of rock covers even as it continues in the niche of computer-synthesized voiced music.

    Alexei Shulgin is the computer operator, and accordingly doesn't get in the way of his muse, who leads us through what could be one of those great hits of the decade albums not sold in stores.

  • Tom Verlaine

    title:: Tom Verlaine
    label:: Collectors' Choice

    Collector's Choice have reissued this 1979 record with no bonus tracks (which is rare for them), but with brand new liner notes by Tom Verlaine.

    Tom Verlaine was an incredible force in music, and remains the consummate artist in my songbook. I love this record and strongly recommend it to you.