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Smash TVSmash TV are Holger Zilshe and Michael Schmidt from Berlin. On the sleeve of the CD they describe themselves delivering pure electric tension for your pleasure.

Smash TV are possibly the best at what they do. They have an ultra sharp sound that is a celebration of mechanization. Forget the robot suits of Daft Punk: Smash TV fetishize the robotic experience into musical packets of data which Rudy Rucker's robots could discover and open up dark secrets with, as Ash opened up dark secrets by reading the Necronomicon in Evil Dead.

Resurrected from the first 2 Smash TV 12s are Electronic Boy, Flashdance, I Love You Now, and Rock On Boy. Also on the CD is Nobody, their current 12.

There are two new songs on this record that I really like. Look At The Screen and Confused are worth buying the record for to me. They have a cool clean sound that cuts sharper than Hannibal's razor knife. Smash TV show a chilled side on Your Places, which surprised me. There are 14 songs on the CD. The double LP version leaves off a couple of the songs, though I'm not sure which.

I would recommend this record to anyone dabbling in the sound of labels like City Rockers or Shitkatapult, or (of course), Bpitch Control. Miss Kittin may sound cold and detached: Smash TV sound non-human, filled with an electronic energy not bound to meat.

---Carl, April 30, 2002