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Smash TV


I Love You Now & Taste b-w Flashdance& Crashdown


Bpitch Control


Smash TVI Love You Now sing Smash TV. Yeah, I agree. I love Smash TV, and I think this is the sound for 2002 from Berlin, on Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control label.

This one band encapsulate all the best parts of songs I've heard and loved from Berlin in the last year. The identifying features of favorite songs from WMF's 'Nighteffect' (Ben E. Clock I Love You) and Flittchen's 'F**ky Don't' (The Visions Beat Generation) lie resident in the grooves of every Smash TV song.

About the band I know nothing, except that they are named after an old video game. About the songs - I know that they are striking. I Love You Now has the same feel as the best Cheap Records tracks. A male vocal and unbelievably sharp electronics.

Taste is like heavy metal for machines. You could picture a sentient machine really freaking to this track. It is inhuman. It is not a vocal track or an instrumental. It is sung in machine, and it rocks.

On the flip, Flashdance is a hard electro track that has a sound like drumming on tin foil. It is not as good as the 2 cuts on the A-side.

Crashdown closes on a quieter note: IDM performed by machines to teach us frail creatures how it SHOULD be done.

---Carl, February 5, 2002