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Smash TV


Rock On Boy & Electronic Boy b-w Errorlove & Machine Entertainment


Bpitch Control


Smash TVSmash TV's second 12 has four songs which continue the amazing sound introduced on their first release, while replacing the DJ style sleeve of the first with Pfadfinderei sleeve art.

Both songs on the A-side are based on the same idea, given different treatments. Rock On Boy is a cleaner beat version of Electronic Boy. Both are quite pleasing tracks.

The B-side starts with Errorlove, a crispy electronic song with vocals that sound like the Imperial drones of Star Wars.

Machine Entertainment is an instrumental that tweaks robotic sounds about as far as they can go while still holding form. I love Smash TV and believe that this band could be huge if more people heard them. Yes - they are working in the fashoinable waters of electro, but they are producing songs which can't be touched by their better known peers.

As both the Smash TV 12s are almost impossible to find right now the ball is in their court. Smash TV could remain a sought after footnote in the 2001 Berlin Electronic scene, or they could release a great full length and take over their realm in 2002.

---Carl, February 5, 2002