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Love, Peace, & Poetry: Japanese Psychedelic Music


Love, Peace, & Poetry: Japanese Psychedelic Music


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Love, Peace, & Poetry: Japanese Psychedelic MusicOne of the things I love about Japanese music is the way it distills and concentrates Western culture into its purest form. As it does today with J-pop, so it has done in previous generations for the music of the day, in this case psychedelia

. The Love, Peace & Poetry series has explored Asian Psychedelic Music in a previous volume, but never has it gathered songs like it has for this Japanese volume.

Foodbrain's 'Liver Juice Vending Machine' is an instrumental jam that sounds like the opening cut a band would use when they first hit the stage and first impressions have yet to be built. Foodbrain's song gives the listener everything at once, delivered in style.

My very favorite cut on the comp, Blues Creation's instrumental 'Brane Baster' starts off on a guitar bender, but lands on the ground in a chunky riff track that sounds like Buff Medways covering Hendrix. Quite excellent!

The other fave of mine on this is Apryl Fool's 'The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)'. It starts sounding like another 'Land Of The Rising Son' exercise, but then the vocal comes in and you won't believe the acid drenched alteration electricity (and a well placed effect) have given the singer. With a vocal like that he could befriend either the machines that Smash TV worship, or the fly buzzing in your ear. The cut is brought to the level of amazing by its spiraling peak.

There are 17 carefully chosen tracks on this comp. Explore!

---Carl, February 5, 2002