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Love, Peace, & Poetry: British Psychedelic Music


Love, Peace, & Poetry: British Psychedelic Music


Q.D.K. Media

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Love, Peace, & Poetry: British Psychedelic MusicPrevious volumes of Love, Peace and Poetry have brought us to America and to Latin America. Now it is time to take us to Britain. Will the label be able to find any tracks we haven't heard on other comps? I can't answer that authoritatively, but I can say that I have never heard any of these tracks, and many are really strong.

The CD starts off with Red Dirt's 'Memories'. The vocalist almost reminds me Aiden from Arab Strap. Next up is my favorite track on the comp, 'Magazine Woman' by Gary Walker & The Rain. This would be Gary of The Walker Brothers (as in Scott Walker) after they disbanded. The song is very psyche-pop: not at all like anything The Walker Brothers ever did.

Tony, Caro, & John 'There Are No Greater Heroes' sounds a whole lot like David Bowie in his Hunky Dory phase. Dogfeet 'Now I Know' has the same sound as early Blue Oyster Cult.

If you want to hear how far you can take a phase shifter while keeping a song together try Forever Amber's 'The Dreamer Flies Back'. If you want to hear how mary jane loosens up vocalists hear Parameter's 'Harvington Hall'.

The only song I can't stand on this disc is 'Comet' by Pussy. It has an out of control theremin player messing up my mind.

---Carl, February 5, 2002