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March 19, 2002

  • Backcomb 'n Beat

    Backcomb N' Beat - Dream Babes Volume Three

    CD / various / RPM

    This is the most exciting Volume in the Dream Babes series. Volume Three concentrates on the 60's British Girl Group recordings made by independent producers including Shel Talmy, Joe Meek, Giorgio Gomelsky, Tommy Scott, John Carter, Mark Wirtz, Miki Dallon and Pierre Tubbs.
    [read more] ---Patrick

  • Roy Budd

    Roy Budd

    CD / Great Songs & Themes From Great Films / Cinephile

    Originally released on LP format in 1971 , this reissued cd collects together a handful of Roy Budd's work from various film scores including Get Carter, Flight Of The Doves, Zeppelin Soldier Blue and The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins.
    [read more]---Patrick Rands

  • Buzzcocks


    CD / Another Music In A Different Kitchen / EMI

    THIS is the Buzzcocks record I believe you need. The second record 'Love Bites' is good, but nowhere as classic as this, and the singles comp is superseded by this record. All songs please.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Downtown 81

    Downtown 81

    CD / various / Virgin France

    The musical accompaniment to the film Downtown 81, which starred cult artist Jean Michel Basquiat as a roving bohemian traipsing from one stodgy Lower East Side dive to another, the 81 soundtrack documents the different spices in the NYC batch as the decade turned.
    [read more]---Donny

  • Randy


    CD / The Human Atom Bombs / Burning Heart

    The fourth album by Randy -- a quartet of Swedish political punks (anarcho/socialist) with rock n' roll hearts.
    [read more]---Peter Ledebur.

  • The Vibrators

    The Vibrators

    CD / Pure Mania / Columbia

    A great LP with clean production, lots of energy, and fun songs with great melody that stick in your head. After all, this is the band with the song 'Stiff Little Fingers' that inspired the name of the Irish band a few years later.
    [read more]---Carl