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The Human Atom Bombs


Burning Heart


Randy CD, The Human Atom BombsThe fourth album (released in 2001) by Randy -- a quartet of Swedish politicalpunks (anarcho/socialist) with rock n' roll hearts.

Some tracks remind me of The Clash, right down to the shoutalong choruses (and some tracks remind me of Billy Bragg doing the Clash -- Freedom Song calls to mind Bragg's Help Save the Youth of America -- and some tracks remind me more of Rancid's version of The Clash).

One track (Karl Marx and History) sounds like the Housemartins' Freedom, for some reason -- maybe the rhythm? -- while still in a Clash vein. There's also an underlying influence from '50s rock and roll (see Keeping Us Out of Money, for example). And If I could draw comparisons one last band, I Believe in the Company makes me think of Bad Religion sort of (the verses, anyway).

Some favorite tracks: Whose Side Are You On? (faster and harder than a most of the record but, alas, only 47 seconds long), Chicken Shack (sloppy, balls out rockin' blues), Human Atom Bomb (about Little Richard, and fittingly rootsy), and The Heebie Jeebies.

Nice Clash-y tracks include Summer of Bros, Proletarian Hop, and Win or Lose.

All in all a pretty solid, if not groundbreaking, record. It won't suit everyone's tastes, but then again, what does?

---Peter, March 19, 2002