gullbuy music review

December 31, 2002

  • Music and Words of Pizzicato Five: A Tribute Album

    During the time of their existence Pizzicato Five were like Neil Young: either you loved them or you hated them. By the time they broke up on 2000 they seemed to have few supporters left.

    Music and Words of Pizzicato Five: A Tribute Album is a 17 track affair that I find quite pleasing.

  • Sparks - Big Beat

    Japanese re-issue of Spark's 1976 LP which originally was released after the classic trilogy of Sparks records: Kimono My House, Propaganda, and Indiscreet.

    Big Beat has a simple sound instrumentally similar to Iggy Pop's record Lust For Life. All the songs rock with a big beat and metallic guitars.

  • Thomas Brinkmann

    Thomas Brinkmann rises to the occasion and does not disappoint on this stellar collection of his work.

    Brinkmann always keeps things moving along with a great beat - never falling flat with something that is too cerebral.

  • Håkan Lidbo

    After The End is abstract electronic music, released on the Danish label April Records.

    After The End sounds like Smash TV without the beats, or Autechre with smiles.