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December 24, 2002

  • CassetteBoy


    CD / The Parker Tapes / Barry's Bootlegs

    There's nothing here that hasn't been done already. (See Plunderphonics, Negativeland, etc). What makes this different? It's not as good.
    [read more] ---Brian Cleary

  • De-Phazz


    CD / Rare Tracks & Remixes / MOLE Listening Pearls

    Every record by De-Phazz is a delight. In a world that disappoints so frequently, I have happiness when I listen to this band.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Ectomorph


    12inch / "Dada" b-w "Ritmo Siniestro" / Interdimensional Transmissions /

    Ectomorph's music fits in well with other Detroit artists like Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Adult, or DJ Godfather (except Ectomorph is all instrumental).
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Soulwax

    2 Many DJs pt.3

    CD / various (Soulwax) / WaxedSoul Recordings

    Part 3 might well be the most exciting edition yet - it definitely is the most rocking mix so far, thanks in part to bands like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and Motley Crue - but also thanks to the driving beats that work the whole thing into a frenzy.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands