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November 26, 2002

  • Tim Love Lee

    Tim Love Lee - It's All Good

    CD / various / Keep Diggin Records

    Like the stuff he releases on Tummy Touch, It's All Good has selections which cause you to jump around and get excited. There is no chilling out anywhere on this comp.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Nettle


    12inch / Deep Waters Still Run / The Agriculture

    Beats from Spain and North Africa, Middle Eastern raga sounds, manipulated hip-hop samples all work around and through each other, each reinforcing the next.
    [read more] ---Andrew Culler

  • BBC Radiophonic Music

    BBC Radiophonic Music

    CD / BBC Worldwide Ltd.

    33 tracks total, all sorts of great sounds, and a wonderful addition to any electronic music collection.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands

  • Screamers


    2xCD / In A Better World / Xeroid Records

    I can't pick favorite tracks from this album. It's all too good. If I was given three wishes tomorrow, I would gladly give one of them to have even just ONE well-recorded, well-produced studio album from this band.
    [read more] ---Peter Ledebur