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October 29, 2002

  • Add N To X

    Add N to X

    CD5 / Take Me To your Leader / Mute

    Take Me To Your Leader is the first single from the Add N To {X} album 'Loud Like Nature.' The song is electronic pop with a heavy dose of rock crossover.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Rocketmann

    Felix Da Housecat

    CD / Rocketmann! / PIAS

    Rocketmann! has a more sober, serious tone when compared to Felix's later releases. At times the rhythms have a world-influenced feel like Brian Eno or downbeats similar to slower Autechre.
    [read more] ---John

  • Code Selfish

    The Fall

    CD / Code: Selfish / Cog Sinister

    In all, there are some good tracks here. A necessity for The Fall fan, but someone wishing to get to know the band ought to begin with 'This Nation's Saving Grace' or 'The Light User's Syndrome.'
    [read more] ---Charles

  • The Jam BBC box set

    The Jam

    3xCD / The Jam at the BBC / Polydor UK

    the Jam at the BBC is a sprawling journey and while it could've included more and possibly could've been sequenced better it does come with the bonus live disc and it does include most of the studio BBC recordings which is a boon to any Jam fan.
    [read more] ---Patrick