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July 7, 2006

Dead: The Grim Reaper's Greatest Hits

various artists
labels:: Ace and Trikont

Not many compilations have covered "death songs", even though there have always been songs of death since the beginning of man. We all eventually die, and yet death is often overlooked until its that time.

The German label Trikont and UK label Ace have both released compilations of death songs and each label has a different take on this theme, taking a different approach to the "death song".

Get Lost: Mixed by Damian Lazarus & Matthew Styles

various artists
label:: Crosstown Rebels

Crosstown Rebels is the label run by Damian Lazarus, the guy who ran the Electroclash-era label City Rockers.

A fairly generic mix that would be fine as background music while working on your computer, but is not that compelling when listened to as the featured attraction.

Pale Man Made

title:: Stay Prest
label:: self-released

Pale Man Made is a 4 piece band from Newcastle that play guitar based rock like early Delgados.

Stay Prest is a 4 song EP put out by the band to hold over fans till their first full lenth is released. The band has not settled on a label yet, so the opportunity remains for Pale Man Made to become a new sensation in 2006.