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Happy Without You Remixes


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Annie 12inch coverHappy Without You Remixes contains three remixes of the song Happy Without You from Annie's Anniemal record.

Two of the mixes are done by Grand Central recording artist Riton (Henry Smithson) from Manchester in the UK. The first of his mixes is the vocal mix, which takes the original and speeds it up a little while placing the vocals further back in the mix, with the kick drum and synth beat way up front.

The second Riton mix takes up the whole B-side of the 12inch. The instrumental mix is not even recognizable as an Annie song, even if you already know the original version.

The Sebastian remix of Happy Without You changes the song quite a bit as well. Sebastian is a French artist. He makes Happy without You an EBM New Beat style track that would sit well alongside Fad Gadget or The Normal. It is interesting to hear how someone can so totally transform a track!

The remix co-ordinator for this 12inch was Erol Alkan. This 12inch is not crucial to own unless you already have Anniemal and want to hear how these artists interpret Happy Without You.

---Carl, July 21, 2006