gullbuy music review

June 13, 2006


title:: Something to Believe In
label:: Young American

APB were a punk/funk band from Aberdeen Scotland. They released many great singles that received spotty distribution, resulting in the band's cult status. Areas that knew the band loved them, while people in other areas never heard them at all.

Something to Believe In was an LP by APB which collected their singles. It originally came out in the US on Link Records. This 20th Anniversary reissue includes a bonus disc.

Manu Dibango

title:: The Very Best of African Soul
label:: Mercury France

The Very Best of African Soul compiles tracks that African saxophone / Hammond organ player Manu Digango wrote and performed between 1967 and 1994.

The disc mixes up tracks from the various periods of his career, though the liner notes spell out the timeline of his career very nicely. There are many fine tracks on this comp. It is a solid buy!

Luiz Eca

title:: La Nueva Onda Del Brasil
label:: Vampisoul

Onda Nueva was a short-lived but exciting sub-genre of the bossa nova sound which picked up the pace of the bossa nova beat and combined it with some loungey sunshine pop vocals and subversive soundtrack music type arrangements.

The Onda Nueva sound was just part of the ever shifting sounds emanating from Brazil in the late 60s/early 70s.


title:: A Love Moderne
label:: Forcetracks

A Love Moderne is Unai's (aka Swedish producer Erik Møller) 2nd album following up Rebel Swing from 2001.

A Love Moderne is a minimal dub pop album with a lot of soul. Erik Møller may not have the greatest voice, but he found his inner Marvin Gaye and really lets loose here, combining a laidback, minimal dub backing with a disco soul inspired vibe where his vocals are tweaked and buried perfectly.