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April 21, 2006

Freeform Five

title:: Misch Masch
label:: Fine

Freeform Five have a slew of 12 inch singles, remixes for other artists and an album called Strangest Things, and here Freeform Five mainman Anu Pillai and his group Freeform Five are featured in the 2nd volume of the Misch Masch compilation series following up the Tiefschwarz collection that was volume 1.

This series combines one mix disc with a 2nd disc of remixes for other artists - and since Freeform Five have been all over the place remixing others and touring doing dj sets, there's a vibrant, lively sound to both of these discs.

Kid Creole & the Coconuts

title:: Off The Coast of Me
label:: Rainman

In 1980 August Darnell left the hit-bearing Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band to form the incredibly prolific and long-lived Kid Creole & the Coconuts. Off The Coast of Me was the first album.

The first of the bonus tracks is a cover of the 1979 disco classic There But For The Grace of God, originally recorded by Machine.

Music is Love

various artists
label:: Mental Groove

Music Is Love is the latest compilation on Mental Groove Records, the Swiss label that prolifically issues 12 inch singles, and has more recently turned its attention to full length cds and cd compilations.

Music Is Love is a DJ mix disc put together by married couple Lulú and Pollux who form Lulúxpo, based out of Geneva. Lulúxpo are clothing designers, as well as artists/musicians who only have a few releases, but have been around a long time doing DJ nights and radio shows.


various artists
label:: Ze Records

Undercover is a collection of cover versions by Ze artists from the past, with two current artists (Miss OD & Gentlemen League, and Bohemians vs. Cow Boys).

I like this compilation a lot. I had avoided it for 2 years, as I figured it was just a quick re-packaging of tracks I already had elsewhere. In truth, I had only heard a few of these tracks, and they are all real good.