gullbuy music review

March 8, 2006


title:: Bwana
label:: Acid Symposium

Bwana were a latin-psyche band from Columbia. Their self-titled LP originally came out in 1972.

If you enjoy 70s rock with a lot of percussion and have enjoyed records on the Vampisoul label, there is a very good chance you will find plenty to like about Bwana and this CD. Moments date themselves because of lead guitar breaks, but most of the disc sounds pretty great here in 2006.

Crème de Menthe

title:: The Impossibility of Erotisicm in the Suburbs
label:: Disko B

Its been a long wait for a full length Creme de Menthe cd but it's finally here - and it lives up to what came before.

The Impossibility Of Eroticism In The Suburbs is filled with that Creme de Menthe sound which includes slinky Gary Numan-esque synths, dirty electronic techno rhythms, and robotic lead vocals.


various artists
label:: Vampisoul

Vampi Soul has given us a compilation of Eddie Davis produced material called Pachuco Soul: A Collection Of Vintage East LA Grooves From The Vaults Of Rampart Records.

Eddie Davis owned a number of labels including the Faro, Linda, Rampart, Valhalla, Prospect, Boomerang, and Gordo labels, but Pachuco Soul hones in on Rampart Records. The sound covers a lot of ground from the early days of garage rock soul, to the later period latin soul-rock fusion and disco.

Tenth To The Moon

title:: Live
label:: self-released

Tenth To The Moon is an industrial / electronic band from Atlanta consisting of Mitch Foy (drummer extraordinaire of Pineal Ventana) and Doug Hughes (drummer of King-Kill/33°).

Even though the CD is called Live, the last two tracks are studio tracks. The rest of the disc was recorded at the Atlanta club Lenny's on June 11, 2005.