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Vida Burguesa


Vida Burguesa


Siesta Records

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Vida Burguesa CD coverVida Buerguesa is the best Siesta release in years - and that is saying a lot, as Siesta Records of Barcelona have put out some wonderful records in the last decade.

The feel is cool and fun - not a pretentious cool - just a natural knack at effortlessy sounding 'just right.'

Open up this CD and read the story about Shelby's Cobra 427, or the small piece on the hats some of the artists wear. By the time you look up, the second song is playing. Bathing Beauty & Sir Cecil Savoy 's Let's Keep it Friendly is my favorite track on the disc. It sounds like a duet between Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins and Dick Van Dyke as Bert. The cute cat meow and fun lyrics are just icing on the cake.

There are no bad tracks. All the songs complement each other and contribute to the mood of the disc, which one friend described as "bath splashing music."

Mardi Silhouette has two tracks. The first is a cover of the Marcos Valle (one of the big names in bossa) track Democústico, the second, a cover of the Franco Godi (Italian soundtrack artist who scored Signor Rossi) track Herr Rossi.

There are three Ennio Morricone covers - Lunetta Serena does the sterling Spanish vocal track La Bambola, Las Escarlatinas does Acercándome a ti, and Basilisco does an orchestral version of L'ultimo that sounds like another Siesta recording artist, Vigil.

Lunetta Serena does three songs ont he record. The first is La Bambola, the Morricone cover mentioned above. Tema para Martín was written by Jorge Demonte for his son Martin. Niña no Divagues is a Agustin Pereyra Lucena cover (Argentinian bossa-nova guitarist) from his first album, which came out in 1970.

Rita Calypso has two songs on the disc. the first is the title song, a rapid fire vocal track that you can't help but jiggle to. The second is a Piero Umilliani cover, Oltre L'acqua del Fiume.

You will love this record. Buy it as a present for someone you like. It is very romantic.

---Carl, August 22, 2005