gullbuy music review

August 22, 2005


title:: Koax remixes
label:: Bpitch Control

All four songs on this 2003 EP are strong - this may be the best release by Apparat that I've heard.

The A-side has 2 versions of Koax, recorded a year apart. The B-side has two Ellen Allien artifacts that any fan will want to own. The first is her remix of Koax. The second is Fuse, a track by Apparat with vocals by Ellen Allien.

Dreambabes 6 - Sassy and Stonefree

various artists
label:: RPM

The Dream Babes series has been one of the more esoteric compilation series of girl group music, often contesting how girl group music itself is defined.

Included herein are obscure late 60s cuts by Marilyn Powell, Clodagh Rodgers, Barbara Ruskin, Liz Christian, Paula Parfitt, Life & Soul, Cinnamon, Joyce Bond, Sandra Bryant, Sue Lynne, Doris La Belle, Jeannie Dee, The She Trinity, Samantha Jones and Val McKenna & Lesley Duncan.

Eternity's Children

title:: From Us Unto You: The Complete Singles
label:: Rev-Ola

Rev-Ola previously released both Eternity's Children albums plus some bonus single tracks in 2002, and are back to wrap up some loose ends with the From Us Unto You: The Complete Singles collection in 2005.

There's some duplication between the two collections, but for Eternity's Children's fans, or if you missed that first lp collection, From Us Unto You is a fine way to check out this talented group of harmony sunshine popsters.

Gen X

title:: Kiss Me Deadly + 5
label:: EMI

Billy Idol. OK. I got it out of the way. That is what Generation X is really known for, right? Idol was a walking photo-op who fit the punk suit and mined gold enshrouding himself in accepted punk stylings.

The CD re-release of Kiss Me Deadly adds five bonus tracks (including two live tracks), giving us a chance at either a second look, redemption or castigation.


title:: Different Class
label:: RPM

Jook are a glam band from 1973 with a logo that looks like it influenced The Jam, and a look that may have influenced 999.

The sound of Jook is similar to Humble Pie, or Sweet with rougher vocals. At times the 1980 Mod revival band The Chords sound like Jook. Whatever their influences, Jook sounds like they were an influence on Guided By Voices.

Jean-Claude Vannier

title:: L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches
label:: Finders Keepers

In 1971 Jean-Claude Vannier provided the arrangements for Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire de Melody Nelson LP. This record came out soon afterward. He also arranged Brigitte Fontaine's Brigitte Fontaine Est ... Folle album.

The music is instrumental, with a quirky French sountrack feel combining elements of experimental music, free jazz, choral and natural sounds.

Vida Burguesa

various artists
label:: Siesta Records

Vida Buerguesa is the best Siesta release in years - and that is saying a lot, as Siesta Records of Barcelona have put out some wonderful records in the last decade.

The feel is cool and fun - not a pretentious cool - just a natural knack at effortlessy sounding 'just right.'

Mark Wirtz Ear Theatre

title:: Love is Eggshaped
label:: Rev-Ola

Love is Eggshaped is the companion CD to the book Love Is Eggshaped Mark Wirtz is an artist that influenced many others throughout the 60s and 70s. This record is his first new work in many years.

Not only does this CD bring the formidable talent of Mark Wirtz out of retirement, but he enlisted two generations of the Rivers family on harmony vocals - Tony Rivers and his son Anthony Rivers.

Zodiac Killers

title:: Radiation Beach
label:: Rip Off Records

Radiation Beach is a really strong record with an Angry Samoans / Dickies / Rezillos feel - high energy punk rock with a pop feel.

They cover You're Cold by first wave SF punk band The Jolt and Telephone Rings Again by 1979 UK punk band The Notsensibles. As for their originals, the band show humility by crediting "all stupid lyrics by Greg Lowery."