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Bpitch Control


Apparat 12inch coverAll four songs on this 2003 EP are strong - this may be the best release by Apparat that I've heard.

The 12inch has two versions of Koax on the A-side. The 2003 version has a faster pace than the 2002 version. I like the 2003 version better because it does not meander - it drives onward all the way through. the 2002 version DOES build up really nicely, but I think the 2003 version is killer start to end.

The B-side has two Ellen Allien artifacts that any fan will want to own. The first is her remix of Koax. Her mix brings out the vaguely Joy Division-esque feel I thought the first side hinted at. Koax has the same 2 note riff as the verse in Insight (from Unknown Pleasures) if you remove Peter Hook's melodious bass from the mix.

The final track is Fuse, a track by Apparat with vocals by Ellen Allien. The vocals are clipped and choppy, while the music is both skittery and smooth - the percussion skitters around your speakers while the synth floats peacefully across the top.

---Carl, August 22, 2005