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Tttrial and Eror




ApparatThere's always been a fascination with the unexpected disaster, equipment malfunctions or glitch, from the blue notes of jazz, to the guitar feedback of the 60s, to the glitch sounds of electronic music mimicking computer mishaps and technical problems.

Apparat take this last approach to electronic music and elaborate on the Tttrial and Eror (sic) CD on the Shitkatapult label to an amazingly satisfying conclusion.

The modern cousin to Autechre, Phonem, and Aphex Twin, Sascha Ring's Apparat combines the use of a melodic backdrop to his own unusual glitched out rhythms for a full-on broken floor dancebeat. A relatively short cd at 29 minutes but one in which all of the titles seem to work together as a whole, the standout track is Track # 3 Pressure which has an added layer via the atmospheric and all-so human saxophone playing by Hormel Eastwood - this adds an added bonus to the electronic mayhem.

---Patrick Rands, September 24, 2002