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Dream Drops


Dream Drops



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Dream Drops CD coverThe latest in Siesta's "Reverie" series. Includes a cover of the theme from "Lord Love a Duck" and a new Lollipop Train track ("train track" -- I crack myself up!) where the inimitable Angie Tillet reads the titles of old Avengers episodes ("Emma Peel Crossword Puzzle").

While the execution of the mix of sixties pop obscurities and originals done in that style is getting better and better -- the production is SUPER -- this album overall is a little on the disappointing side. Clocking in at just over twenty-five minutes for eleven tracks, with one piece repeated twice, two additional tracks appearing in both vocal and instrumental forms, and a thirty second spoken track from Lollipop Train, it's a bit thin, content-wise.

That's not to say I don't like it. What IS there is GREAT. Sunshine Day proffers an epic seven minute track, "Paper Airplane Book," with scads of well-arranged wordless vocals to die for (speaking of wordless vocals, Lollipop Train's third and final offering on this album, "Joyful" is a beaut! Those who were annoyed by her snotty vocalizing on Simultaneous Ice Cream's "Teenage Trifle" will thrill to hear Ms. Tillet shut up and simply "la-la-la-la" away). Favorite tracks include those already mentioned plus Mild Euphoria's "Guitar Bouquet Madeira".

---Peter, December 25, 2001