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July 5, 2005

Art Brut

title:: Bang Bang Rock & Roll
label:: Fierce Panda

Following on after three single releases in the UK, Bang Bang Rock & Roll is the debut album from London-based five-piece Art Brut.

Overall, the feel of Bang Bang Rock & Roll is more restrained and subdued than Art Brut's live shows, which are exciting displays of exuberant energy and personality. Even so, the album is more clever, entertaining, and original than most of the rest of what's currently being tagged with the "art rock" label.

Gina X Performance

title:: X-traordinaire
label:: LTM

Gina X Performance switched things up a bit on X-traordinaire, their 2nd album from 1980 (recently reissued on LTM).

By adding more instrumentation to the simple but effective mix they used on their debut album, Nice Mover, with songs that aren't as sharp or tight as those on the debut, Gina X Performance offer up a fine but flawed 2nd album.

Saint Etienne

title:: Tales From Turnpike House
label:: Sanctuary

The first new Saint Etienne material in three years sees the band pull in guest appearances by artists whom may have influenced the band in their style, and gives a first taste of the children's songs that band had been rumoured to be working on.

Initial copies of the CD include a bonus disc with children's songs. Up the Wooden Hills could be a missing companion to such Siesta comps as Algebra Spaghetti and Simultaneous Ice Cream.