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March 8, 2005

The A-Lines

title:: You Can Touch
label:: Sympathy For The Record Industry

The A-Lines are a 77 styled punk rock band for those who loved Buzzcocks on their Spiral Scratch 7inch.

The record was produced by Billy Childish. He did a great job, making the sound fat and direct.


title:: Camino Del Sol
label:: Numero

This disc transports you to a warmer climate through its Brazilian roots. Its as if they wanted to craft their own versions of Tom Jobim songs (they go so far as to create their own cover with The Boy from Ipanema).

The production on this record is rather sparse which complements the drum machine and vocal effects well. The songs are sung in French and English, lending the album an international feel as a whole.

Harmonic 33

title:: Music For Film, Television & Radio, Volume One
label:: Warp

The first in a series of albums dedicated to the art of library music. What makes this an interesting listen is the fact that Harmonic 33 has used real instruments instead of sampling other artists.

At just under 40 minutes Music for Film, Television and Radio Vol 1 is a tad short, and while it seems Harmonic 33 could work this kind of music up to be more than the end result found here, anyone who likes library music or the modern groups like Air could enjoy this disc.

Pop Ambient 2005

various artists
label:: Kompakt Records

A yearly released series on the Kompakt label, Pop Ambient 2005 is in fact the 5th in the series

This the more mellow, ethereal side of the Kompakt label, somewhere between the drifting nuances of The Orb (who appear here) and where it all began from the start with the ambiance setting tones of Eno or Tangerine Dream.