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Raheem Hershel


Gotta Have the Pokey


Crème Organization


Zonk CD coverRaheem Hershel is Danny Wolfers of Holland's The Hague. Danny records under many names, including Polarius, and most famously, Legowelt.

Gotta Have the Pokey is an 8 song EP with minimal instrumentation - drum machine beats, a Roland TB 303 bassline machine, and a synthesizer. The energy level is high, and the sound is like Chicago acid house that Ron Hardy used to play at the Music Box in 1985.

The only part I don't like is the affected voice he uses to introduce several of the songs. It is kind of like a pirate voice - reminding me of the character in the movie Dodgeball.

The feel he is trying to get is like an electronic version of kids who busk by playing upturned plastic buckets with drumsticks in the subways. Gotta Have the Pokey has an interesting sound, but in the end I can't zero in on any one track to recommend to you, or even one to avoid.

---Carl, January 18, 2005