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Winter in Polarius


Créme Organization


Polarius EP coverPolarius is Danny Wolfers from The Hague in Holland. As Polarius he has released two 12inches for Créme Organization, two for Bunker, and a 12inch for Viewlexx. But you and I will know his best as Legowelt.

In fact, Danny records under many different names both alone and in colaboration with other artists. I especially enjoyed his 12inch on Créme as Raheem Hershel.

This EP has a wintry feel from the tones of the music to the graphics of a ski lift on the label. Many other writer have pointed out the similarity of the Polarius sound to old school Chicago House and Acid House. The music is simple and basic with a strong 4/4 beat and subtle flourishes. All tracks are instrumentals, unless you count seagulls as singers. Seagull calls are all over my favorite track, On The Seaside.

---Carl, December 21, 2004