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Damaged Goods Cheap Sampler Vol. 3


Damaged Goods Cheap Sampler Vol. 3


Damaged Goods

various artists CD

Zonk CD coverFor years now the Damaged Goods label has been one of the best labels out of the UK to combine the best of punk, pop and garage with their cd and vinyl releases. It's gotten so that if it's on Damaged Goods then it's got to be good. To help spotlight all the goods the label has released over the years, they started putting out cd compilations featuring all the Damaged Goods artists. If you've known the best from this label like the Billy Childish projects, Holly Golightly, Helen Love and their original punk reissues like the Raw deal compilation, then this cheap sampler from the label has more of what you want.

At a dirt cheap price, the first Cheap Damaged Goods Sampler CD was released in the summer of 1998 and a second one followed a few years later. Now we are treated to Volume 3 from 2004. The Cheap Label Sampler Vol. 3 features:

the Billy Childish related groups and singers

  • Holly Golightly's sweet buzz of In Your Head from her latest album Slowly But Surely
  • The Armitage Shanks back after 7 years with another punk ass gem Drowning, Not Waving from their new album Urinal Heap (do you think of these guys like I do everytime you take a piss?)
  • The Buff Medways (Billy's latest project) 7 inch release Don't Hold Me Back
  • The Singing Loins' version of the Billy Childish classic I Don't Like The Man I Am from the 2 cd set The Complete & Utter Singing Loins
  • post-Delmonas/Headcoatees work by Ludella Black and her tune Love Pours Out From My Heart from her album She's Out There with Mickey Hampshire of Thee Milkshakes
  • Billy's first band The Pop Rivets' Fun In The UK
  • Thee Headcoatees version of the Billy tune Young Blood from their underlooked album Sisters Of Suave)

the best of the punk reissues

  • The Snivelling Shits' terminally addictive Sex Pistols like Terminal Stupid
  • Billy's first band (as mentioned above)
  • Pop Rivets' Fun In The UK
  • The Users' grungy Germs-like Sick On You
  • The Revillos' mind bendingly cool Mind Bending Cutie Doll

the modern punk

  • The Ulcers' New Bomb Turks-like Action
  • The Buzzcocks' still sounding fresh with their Don't Come Back a modern recorded unreleased tune
  • Hard Skin's Beer And Fags (live mania about drinking, having a smoke....) taken from the album Live And Loud & Skinhead
  • Oizone's Arms Of Mary from the oi punk album An Indifferent Beat
  • the wonderfully named Oi-Vey's Saturday Night taken from the double 7" The New Wave Of The Close Shave

and the pop

  • Shelleys Children's remarkable twee pop Jack taken from their collection Everything
  • Fabienne Delsol's I'm Gonna Haunt You from this ex-Bristol's debut album No Time For Sorrows
  • Age Of Jets' goofy fun of For The Love Of An Eskimo from their album Go Go Gadget Pop
  • Honeyrider's unreleased cyber punk pop Cyberfriends Network
  • Mikabomb's girl pop punk Contact Tokyo from The Fake Fake Sound Of Mikabomb
  • The Cogs' sweet girl punk pop No Expectations from their album Viva Cuckooland's (the band that was Shelleys Children) Winter from their Banga-Boom-Boom
  • the melodic Homescience and their tune Goodbye from their album Main Sprit Weind
  • Helen Love's Love Kiss Run Sing Shout Jump from their Radio Hits 1 disc (here's hoping 2005 brings some new Helen Love)
  • The Budget Girls' tuneless but powerful You're So Sorry from On A Tight Budget
  • and finally early Manic Street Preachers with their Strip It Down from their New Art Riot EP.

---Patrick, January 18, 2005