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July 20, 2004

The Avalanches

title:: When I Met You
label:: T.M. Q Records

When I Met You is a 2 many djs style mix by Australia's The Avalanches.

Every moment of this CD is mix and changed into something different than that songs you know contain. It is not a mere mashup of one song with another song's lyrics. Instead, The Avalanches weave a tapestry using these many elements, and create a complete musical voyage that is a lot of fun to ride through.

Girls With Guitars

various artists
label:: Ace Records

Ace Records out of the UK follows up on some other all female 60s rock cds they've issued in the past (including the cd compilation of She/Hairem music called She Wants a Piece of You).

It's great to hear a modern compilation which delves into the area that is so under represented on legit cds.

Jackpine Savage (Bruce Haack)

title:: Dimension 5 presents Together
label:: King Record Co. (Japan)

Much more an electronic pop album than the other Bruce Haack albums I've heard released under his real name and which are usually children's albums, the Jackpine Savage album Together still has a good dose of psychedelia imbued in it, even if the whole thing is a much more laidback affair.

This laidback feel is what could get a lot of people to enjoy this album - it's much more an album to enjoy in the long line of electronic pop albums through the years. And in that sense it's a mini masterpiece.