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Lyric on my Lip


Full Cycle Records


Girls Go Zonk CD coverI am no expert on drum 'n bass, Roni Size or Reprazent, and I know that Tali is part of that circle, but I do know what I like, and Lyric on my Lip is a pretty good record.

There are vocals on every song, and songs that somehow make me think of Ellen Allien.

The record is produced by Tali with Roni Size, and has contributions from Reprazent members Krust, Die, and Clipz, but don't let that scare you if you are not usually a fan of drum and bass. Tali crosses boundaries - in fact, only moments of this record sound like what I think of as drum and bass.

Blazin' really starts this record off on a strong note. whoever sequenced the record (Tali undoubtedly) chose a bomber to open up with.

Airport Lounge has a euro sound that reminds me of italo disco without the cheese, or some of the later stuff on the (absolutely awesome) 12 CD Disco Box set. Airport Lounge is my #1 favorite from this record at time of writing. It is funny, because a review I read of this record on MusicOMH said that Airport Lounge was the weakest track on the disc.

Satiric Stylez starts off with a fast drum beat and Tali talking in a way that reminds me of the Shangri-Las, then breaks into a tight track with high energy and vocals matching the bass melody. The break has a fast boast/rap that Tali pulls off without sounding like a fake.

Lyric On My Lip was a hit 12inch before this record came out. It is a great track, likable by almost anyone. Tali delivers the words with as cool a flow as John Foxx did in the 1977 Ultravox song Young Savage - that is to say FAST and with rhythm.

I don't dislike any of the songs, but I think the four songs I mentioned above are my favorites. In other songs there are passages where she kind of raps, and parts where she reminds me of the Klein Records (Austria) artist Princess Him. Those moments are when I like this record least.

Besides Tali's voice, Don't Let Me Wake Up has vocals by Dynamite MC, a male rapper. I'm not crazy for the tough guy feel.

Should you go out and buy this record? Well, it has a mainstream r n' b / dance type vocal sound like the mash-ups of 2002 always worked with, and that may not be your thing. But if that doesn't faze you then this CD has a lot of appeal.

---Carl, June 15, 2004