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Bucci Bag


More Lemonade


Southern Fried Records


Bucci Bag CD5 coverDino Lenny is an Italian electronic dance artist who scored a major hit in 2002 with his first single Bucci Bag, recorded under the name Andrea Doria . The single ended up on many compilations.

For his second single, Dino has taken the name Bucci Bag. I'd say it was a smart move, as everyone knows the song Bucci Bag, and many stores were filing the Andrea Doria single as Bucci Bag already.

The music is like a more polished Larry Tee dance track. The male vocals have the same sexual innuendo, and the music is very similar to Larry Tee or fellow Italian Benny Benassi. There are male and female vocals, and lots of sexual suggestion, such as the announcement "and remember- no one has the right to touch you in your bathing suit area."

The ace presented for this second single are the two Scissor Sisters mixes. If you like Scissor sisters you will have to buy this EP. Jake Shears did his own vocal on the track, and it is really great. His vocal appears on both Scissor Sister mixes.

The EP has 6 mixes of More Lemonade for as total of 37 minutes of music. The mixes are different enough to justify such a quantity of one song.

This single is worth buying for sure!

---Carl, April 13, 2004