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Andrea Doria


Bucci Bag


Star 69 Records


Andrea Doria CD5 cover'Bucci Bag' is a 60 minute CD single with eight versions of this summer buzztrack.

The track Bucci Bag has more appearances on compilations than many artists have songs. There are also multiple releases of this track as a single: there are two 12inchs and other CD versions. In the UK, EMI released a three track CD5 with with the original version, the shorter FM edit, and the Doria Dub versions, none of which are on this hour long CD!

It might seem an incredible waste to devote so much vinyl and digital space to a single song, but Bucci Bag is one of those songs, like Felix Da Housecat's Silver Screen or Chicks On Speed's version of Mind Your Own Business, that have enough energy and spice to help the sucess of almost any compilation of electronic music with beats and vocals.

Peter Rauhofer, who did the first mix on this CD, designed and photgraphed the cover of th disc, which features Italian model Laine Copicotto. The sleeve works perfectly for the song, which has male vocals strutting through a litany of spoofed designer outfits (Bucci bag and Pradski dress) to the fine music.

Dino Lanni and Andrea Doria are the two people collectively known as Andrea Doria, a name known by many as that of an oceanliner which sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

My favorite mixes are the Peter Rauhofer mix, which is the most straight up and direct, the Playgroup mix, which adds the trademark Jah Wobble styled fat bass mixed right up front, and the Larry Tee mix. It was inspired to bring Larry Tee in as a mixer, as this track reminds me of Hungry Wives, one of the bands Larry Tee had on the second electroclash compilation 'Badd Inc.'

Below is the track listing:

  1. Peter Rauhofer's Reconstruction Remix
  2. Richard Humpty Vission Pro-Funk Mix
  3. Sieg & Mouzakis Blue Steel Remix
  4. The Playgroup Remix
  5. Wally Lopez Remix
  6. Johnny Vicious Is Ready Remix
  7. Larry Tee's Electroclash Remix
  8. Sieg & Mouzakis Blue Steel Dub

---Carl, November 11, 2003