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February 24, 2004

Chicken Lips DJ Kicks

various artists
label:: K7

This is the 20th DJ Kicks record. Chicken Lips are a dub disco band that have been getting a lot of attention lately and have appeared on countless compilations during the past 2 years.

The record highlights music that inspired Chicken Lips, making it a difficult listen for many people, as they were inspired by various flavors of disco that might be unbearable to you. They have Krautrock from Brainticket, NYC disco from Arthur Russell, and the woman who never seems to come back into style, Nina Hagen.

Arthur Russell

title:: The World of Arthur Russell
label:: Soul Jazz Records

Arthur Russell is getting a lot of attention right now. There is this CD plus the recently released 'Calling Out of Context' on Audika.

And there is the promise of many more Arthur Russell records, as hundreds of hours of unreleased tapes have been uncovered.

Tender Trap

title:: ¿Como te Llamas?
label:: Elefant Records

Three new songs and two versions (plus a video) of Face of 73 from Tender Traps full length 'Film Molecules'.

Tender Trap is the fourth project from former Heavenly vocalist Amelia Fletcher. The title song on this EP is super upbeat and electronic, almost like Saint Etienne on their biggest ever hit Like A Motorway.