gullbuy music review

August 5, 2003

  • Noonday Underground

    title:: I'll Walk Right On
    label:: Setanta

    'I'll Walk Right On' is a three track (plus video) single from Noonday Underground's second album, 'Surface Noise.'

    I'll Walk Right On features Paul Weller on vocals. The second track is a new mix of a track from 'Surface Noise.' Go It Alone is mixed by Mujaji. The non-LP offering on the single is the Simon Dine instrumental March Of The Creepers.

  • Pink Grease

    title:: All Over You
    label:: Mute UK

    Pink Grease play hectic, sometimes angular rock augmented with sax (c.f. the Roxy references to come) and someone fiddling about on a homemade synth dubbed Machine. One song a nice Grease (the musical) reference and carries along in a deconstructed sock-hop vein. Another is sort of like Red Cross' Burnout with bits of Rock Lobster grafted on.

    Apparently there's a full-length debut in the works and I am curious to see what results.

  • Pow! To the People

    various artists
    label:: The Track and Field Organization

    Pow! to the people is a 2 disc 28 band showcase for one of my favorite current indie pop labels from the UK.

    All of the bands played at Track and Field nights from 1999 on. Founders Steve and Paul asked their pals to play at unique venues all over London, eventually deciding (in their own words) there was more to pop life than the throwaway world of mainstream.