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Fat Truckers


Anorexic Robot


Roadtrain Recordings


Fat Truckers 12inch coverThis limited edition 2 song 12" single on Fat Trucker's own label Roadtrain Recordings is a fine taster, with the original mix of Anorexic Robot on the A-side and the I Monster I Don't Want to Go To Fat Camp remix of the same song on the b-side. It's fine taster for what's to come, and I'm sure it will be appearing on compilations in the future, if it hasn't already. What will make this single all the more enticing is that the remix is the highlight for me, and may not get the circulation the A-side will get.

Even though Fat Truckers are from Sheffield and have been compared to Cabaret Voltaire, I don't really see it. They are based much more in the rocking side of the electro movement, with a foot in the Cramps / 1960s inspired sound, than anything Cabaret Voltaire related. And while I usually am a sucker for anything with a 60s go-go rhythm, and I did love that in the a-side version of Anorexic Robot, I found myself drawn more towards the remix version which has a more drawn out and mysterious sound.

The regular mix of Anorexic Robot starts out with a sampled 60s styled rhythm break. Some raunchy synth bass meets the beat half way, then the Wall Of Voodoo styled vocals come in singing about not computing and rebooting. In fact, some of the bassline is absolutely catchy. Eventually some squealing electronics join the mix, with some English accented voice over and echoed vocals.

The I Don't Want to Go To Fat Camp remix has a completely different drum track, more of a live Black Sabbath meets Gary Numan chanting, concert sound. Slow building, until the vocals some in, beatless for the first line. Heavily modulated bass and vocals on the chorus with the added component of a British female voice-over on this mix. For me this is the dirtier sounding, more exciting mix.

The frustrating thing about Fat Truckers is not only how scarce all of their recordings are (and become), but also how few recordings are available by them. Here's hoping Fat Truckers begin to become a little more prolific, and less reliant on compilations to spread their name across the globe.

---Patrick, June 17, 2003