gullbuy music review

June 17, 2003

  • Junior Delgado

    title:: Original Guerilla Music - the Great JA Recordings
    label:: Sound Boy

    Original Guerilla Music is the first release on the Sound Boy label, a division of On-U Sound. This compilation contains essential recordings that spans the 70's and 80's of Junior Delgado's career - who is an alumnus of Lee "Scratch" Perry's Black Ark Studios.

    Delgado may not be the showman that Marley was or as militant as Tosh in his later years. What really separates him is that he takes a bit of each of his contemporaries and combines it with his expressive voice. Original Guerilla Music beautifully displays Junior Delgado's abilities and styles into one compilation.

  • Fat Truckers

    title:: Anorexic Robot
    label:: Roadtrain Recordings

    This limited edition 2 song 12" single on Fat Trucker's own label Roadtrain Recordings is a fine taster, with the original mix of Anorexic Robot on the A-side and the I Monster I Don't Want to Go To Fat Camp remix of the same song on the b-side. What will make this single all the more enticing is that the remix is the highlight for me, and may not get the circulation the A-side will get.

    Even though Fat Truckers are from Sheffield and have been compared to Cabaret Voltaire, I don't really see it. They are based much more in the rocking side of the electro movement, with a foot in the Cramps / 1960s inspired sound, than anything Cabaret Voltaire related.

  • Angie Reed

    title:: Angie Reed presents the best of Barbara Brockhaus
    label:: Chicksonspeed Records

    Angie Reed presents the best of Barbara Brockhaus with music for the laZy and not the BureacraZy musically and pictorially retraces Barbara's most poignant fantasies. The sound is a mix of hip hop electroclash with a touch of garage rock and a high dose of drum machine/techno beats.

    But who is Barbara Brockhaus? No one you ever heard of because Barbara Brockhaus is a fictional character you can only find in large and cold office buildings. Barbara is a secretary who likes to fantasize all day long about sexy and hot adventures to escape her ultimate daily boredom.

  • Steam Kodok

    various artists
    label:: Grey Past Records

    Steam Kodok is an above average collection of 17 "Ultrarities From the 60's Singapore and South-East Asia Underground" (as the subtitle to this collection reads).

    It might be too diverse for those interested in totally hip sounding 1960s music, but that diversity is actually one of the things which lends this compilation a bit more excitement than the standard ones. The fact there is an excellent set of liner notes and the vinyl is blue colored helps a lot to create a wonderful and educational musical experience.

    For me the compilation was the most exciting when it had some great fuzz, some great girls, or was at it's most bizarre.