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Abe Duque presents Disko B


Abe Duque presents Disko B


Disko B

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Abe Duque presents Disko B CD coverListening to Abe Duque presents Disko B is definitely a step back in time to the heady days of 1999 (when this Disko B label sampler was released).

Released back before the days of electroclash, the Disko B label ( and it's previous incarnation, Sub-Up-Records) certainly had a lasting influence on the electro and techno movements then and now.

Including tracks by Patrick Pulsinger, Merricks, Richard Bartz, DJ Hell, Blake Baxter, Prozac, Daterape, I-F and Kirlian (Abe Duque himself), this Disko B label sampler is a hot mix which will get anyone pumped up with its varied and addictive rhythms. There's a pulsing pre-electro feel throughout the disc, but it also doesn't sound all that dated to me.

Highlights for me include: DJ Hell's take on Throbbing Gristle's Hot On The Heels Of Love - this has got some slap happy snares with a fast-paced rhythm which propels the subtle, sexy vocals. This leads right into Merricks' Schwabing Girls as remixed by Abe Duque & Gene Lefosse. Schwabing Girls is an electro precursor with its robotic beat and female vocals singing soothingly manipulated "It's's sexy..." overtop a Giorgio Moroder styled funky rhythm.

I-F's Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass is another sweet electro track, with robotic male vocodered vocals which get buried in the grunge of electronics. Kirlian (aka Abe Duque) has two goodies on offer here: Pleasure Yourself sounds like a PWOG b-side, reminiscent of their Timothy Leary sampled trance from the mid and early 90s (instead of " the source" the sample says  "Pleasure....yourself" but the rhythms are not so far removed).

Kirlian's Who's Got The Flave is a nice change of pace, ending the compilation with a free form rap in a dubby atmosphere. Keeping our eyes peeled for the new Electronicat and The Parallax Corporation albums, it doesn't hurt to take a glance back.

---Patrick, November 4, 2003