gullbuy music review

November 4, 2003

  • DJs Collapse

    title:: Jawfunk
    label:: Soundslike

    DJs collapse is Matthew Herbert, Andi Toma, and Jan St. Werner. In other words, we have a collaboration between Mouse On Mars and Herbert!

    There are segments of electronic noises, and parts that sound like Sigfried and Roy's Tigers roaring. A fair amount of sound manipulation is performed on the ingredients during the odd segments. Shinbone will sound like a washing machine running to fans of The Fifth Dimension, Elton John, or Old Time music, but to fans of post big-beat disco punk, both cuts on this 12inch sound completely fine, though not crucial to run out and buy.

  • Abe Duque presents Disko B

    various artists
    label:: Disko B

    Listening to Abe Duque presents Disko B is definitely a step back in time to the heady days of 1999 (when this Disko B label sampler was released). Keeping our eyes peeled for the new Electronicat and The Parallax Corporation albums, it doesn't hurt to take a glance back. Released back before the days of electroclash, the Disko B label (and it's previous incarnation, Sub-Up-Records) certainly had a lasting influence on the electro and techno movements then and now.

    Including tracks by Patrick Pulsinger, Merricks, Richard Bartz, DJ Hell, Blake Baxter, Prozac, Daterape, I-F and Kirlian (Abe Duque himself), this Disko B label sampler is a hot mix which will get anyone pumped up with its varied and addictive rhythms. There's a pulsing pre-electro feel throughout the disc, but it also doesn't sound all that dated to me.

  • The Hard Times

    title:: Blew Mind
    label:: Rev-Ola

    The Hard Times certainly enjoyed some hard times - almost 40 years of obscurity to be exact - but thanks once again to the fine folks at Rev-Ola, a lost 1960s group with riches of talent and musical goodness has been unearthed to be rediscovered in this modern age of rediscovery.

    The Hard Times were one of many groups trying for the big time in mid 60s California, but unlike groups who did make it big like The Mamas and Papas, The Doors, Arthur Lee's Love, and Buffalo Springfield, The Hard Times were a mere blip on the map.

  • Mutant Disco

    various artists
    label:: Ze Records

    A few months ago I first started hearing that Ze Records was back, now based out of France. This two CD set is a gift to everyone who has wanted to hear the early 80s NYC disco bands - the original disco punks.

    Many notable tracks, and I bet that each of us have different favorites. A fine compilation to buy.