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June 11, 2002

  • The Bad Examples

    The Bad Examples

    CD / Profis Like Us / Ata Tak

    Deceptively simple and minimal, but certainly in line with dub culture, the Bad Examples give us a cd of mysterious power.
    [read more] ---Patrick Randsl

  • The Buff Medways

    The Buff Medways

    CD / Steady The Buffs / Transcopic

    While at first listen 'Steady the Buffs' seems a bit toned down compared to 'This is This,' be assured that the Buff Medways can still rock harder than most stuff masquerading as garage-influenced rock-n-roll these days.
    [read more] ---Andrew Culler

  • Mina


    CD / Expander / Bungalow

    I'm no big Mina fan by a long shot, but when Carl asked me to review this cd, my curiosity was perked by the Mina remix concept. When I gave this disc a listen I was mighty happen to be the one writing the review.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands

  • The Pebbles

    The Pebbles

    CD / Pink Pistachio Candy / One plus Two Records

    The band I knew as a fun yet somewhat sloppy '60s Beat-influenced Japanese girl group (quartet to be precise), has become a considerably more polished trio (with a male drummer, no less). The '60s pop influence is still there, but they don't really rock like they used to.
    [read more] ---Peter Ledebur