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The Best Bootlegs in the World Ever..



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The Best Bootlegs in the World Ever CD

The Best bootlegs in the World.... An idea that's been floating around at least since the Evolution Control Committee caught my ear, I still think this kind of thing is the wave of the future with its shades of the past.

Simply put, it's the combination of two songs of different styles of music and meshing them into a new hybrid mix. Things like Destiny's Child and Dead Kennedys. I've put astericks by those tracks I consider worthy of College Radio airplay.

  1. dj ezg - rockerfaction
    The starting track combines Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones and the Fatboy Slim Right About Now. This would work well in a club for sure, but probably not for College Radio: are you as sick of Fatboy as I am?
  2. *girls on top - we don't give a damn about our friends
    The Gary Numan song 'Are Friends electric'and a pop tune I don't know - funky goodness with soulful vocals. Gary Numan makes this tune work for me.
  3. *soulwax - push it/no fun
    Push It by Salt N Pepa and No Fun by the Stooges: Awesome deconstruction of two pop tunes sending this one to the top of the heap. It sounds to me like Salt N Pepa's voices are distorted adding just that much to it. When they combine with Iggy's 'Come on' - perfect. The best one on this disc.
  4. *evolution control committee - rebel without a pause
    I've heard this before - Chuck D and Herp Alpert. Taking rap to another level. This is from the mid-90s and was way ahead of its time. It originally came out as a 7' on Eerie Materials and was reissued in the UK by Pickled Egg.
  5. freelance hellraiser - smells like booty
    Nirvana's Teen Spirit and Bootylicious by Destiny's Child. I guess it's some sort of pop coup. Pass.
  6. basement clash - magnificent romeo
    The Clash's Magnificent Seven and the Basement Jaxx track Romeo. I'm not crazy about this one because the soul voice are too cheesey. It's not bad though.
  7. *jacknife lee - get your 9lb cock on
    The Missy Elliot song Get Your Freak On and something really rocking combined together for what sounds like heavy metal Peaches.
  8. freelance hellraiser - a stroke of genius
    The Strokes tune 'Last Night' with a drum machine and pretty lame pop lead vocals (by Christina Aguilera). Something about A Genie in a Bottle if you must know - it really is kind of blah.
  9. anon - my name is funk soul brother
    Another funk soul brother Fat Boy Slim sample and somebody saying 'My Name is' sampled mixed in - are we sick of that funk soul bro tune yet? Drum n bass rhythm. Kind of a funny rap over top of everything.
  10. mc sleazy - don't call me blur
    The very popular blur tune and a female soul vox which actually kind of works.
  11. *dj french bloke - destiny kennedies
    This is an interesting mix of modern soul female vox by Destiny's Child and the Dead Kennedy's and it definitely works!
  12. *freelance hellraiser - i just can't get enough pills
    I Just Can't Enough by the Human league and a rap track.
  13. *kurtis rush - one minute lovecat
    the Cure's Lovecats and Missy Elliot's One Minute Man - I like! Sort of jazzed up this time thanks to the Cure.
  14. kurtis rush - forgot about sugarbabes
    Kind of just sounds like typical rap but I do like it. There's profanity.
  15. girls on top - being scrubbed
    This one is interesting. Combines Human League's 'Being Boiled' electro beat with Scrub. I'm not sure I'd want to hear it on College Radio but it's not bad.
  16. sealion dion vs cigar ros - bium bium bambalo
    the coup de grace on this compilation - and it works too well - combing the soundscape beauty of Sigur Ros and the ballad vocalising of Celine Dion.
  17. bonus track
    a Nelly rap put over the theme music from a British TV show.

---Patrick, April 23, 2002