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Never Mind The Bootlegs, Here's Sex With Nid & Sancy


Never Mind The Bootlegs, Here's Sex With Nid & Sancy



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Bootlegs compilation Part two in the Bootleg series with 10 new songs including the introduction to the cd, (I understand that there is also a 3-cd set with mp3s also available with a similar title to this cd). Things go deeper, get darker, and more complex than ever with this disc, with hardcore rhythms, schooling raps and incredible mix capabilities, the only crime in this set being the high amount of profanity throughout. This time out we are at least clued into the different artists in each track and throughout there is a current of rap taken to a higher plateau, with added samples, vocals and rhythms to further the cause. One is given the feeling the money man in the music industry quaking in their boots....

1. Bootlegs Misfits Intro = 30 second introduction to cd.

2. Ghostridden (Yello vs Suicide vs Nas) - what Evolution Control Committee did with Herp Alpert is done to the dramatic poesy of Nas creating an exciting piece of electro/surf guitar/power rap. Only brief profanity.

3. Numbed/One Minute (Missy Elliott vs U2) - counterpointing the droning mantra of U2's Numb with the soulful Missy Elliot creates an epic when the rap comes in. Brief profanity during the rap.

4. Guess Who's Back (AFX vs Eminem vs Rockapella vs B.T.N. Harmony vs Marc Lawson vs Korupt) - Old school rap is spiced up with an Aphex rhythm and various Music biz samples culminating in a hilarious sample comparing ecstasy and weed. Got to love the Aphex rhythm put to such good use. Sadly, quite a bit of profanity.

5. Wot? Woo-ha!! (Captain Sensible vs Eve vs Busta Rhymes) - Funk which combines the more playful Captain Sensible's Wot and some more hard rap call and response style - with a lot of profanity. The rhythms are a lot of fun, keeping the same bassline but getting doubled in pace as the track progresses, and yet the vocals stay at the same pace. Total dancefloor fun.

6. Galatic Jaxx Remix (Beastie Boys vs Basement Jaxx vs Korupt) - a driving snapping rhythm with sampled chorus vocals and sensual female vocals recalls Cabaret Voltaire if they had a lead singer. The pounding rhythms and the subdued vocals counterpointed with the various background vocals works quite well and there is no apparent profanity.

7. Opened Up (Leftfield vs Sex Pistols & Bill Grundy vs Goran Bregovic vs Wendy O'Williams) - Key ingredient= the Bill Grundy interview with the Sex Pistols which of course is a riot ('you dirty old man - you dirty fucker) added to a Leftfield rhytm and Wendy O' vocals (which to be honest I didn't really notice - and there is also a PIL Johnny Lydon vocal too which stood out to me much more. This song actually sounds like a Gary Geiserman New Metaphysics (RIP) radio show near the end thanks to the 'I do like smashing up expensive things' sample. Profanity, thanks the the Sex Pistols interview.

8. I Sh*t On You (D12 vs Gary Numan vs Various) - Actually, it almost seems they are saying I Sit on You , but I'm not sure - D12 (who had a raucous 2000 single, 'Shit on You') rap over a Gary Numan rhythm. Really works wonders, but yes profanity is present. This won't stop you from singing along but might stop radio play.

9. Bad Rollin' (Limp Bizkit & Wu Tang Clan vs Bad Company) - Starts out with what sounds like Limp Bizkit outtake and lots of profanity this is probably my least favorite track here. It's just a little sloppy. I'm still not clear on where Bad Company fit in on this track. Loads and loads of profanity.

10. Sabotaged (Funkmaster Flex & Mobb Deep vs Korupt vs Beastie Boys) - Incredible use of the Beastie Boys' Sabotage bassline, taking its time to explode. It's almost like if Henry Rollins were black what he would sound like. I wish this didn't have as much profanity as it does because this could be a hit on college radio easily.

All in all, this is more cohesive and a better buy than The Best Bootlegs in the World Ever.. but there is a lot more profanity and less hit worthiness over all.

---Patrick, August 27, 2002