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September 8, 2006

Elevator DJ Tunes

various artists
label:: ZYX

Elevator DJ Tunes is the first mix compilation from MGness (Markus Gebauer), and he does a good job combining tried and true artists with some lesser known titles spanning these 2 cds.

CD 1 is titled "Computer-Controlled" while CD 2 is "Vinyl Controlled" though it seems each disc features tracks taken from digital and vinyl sources. Each disc has highlights, and some sections that don't work as well, but overall the good outweighs the bad, in this first mix from MGness.


various artists
label:: La Troisieme Note

More like a mix cd you'd get from a friend taken from old soft pop records from the 60s (with vinyl crackle still intact), the Love compilation released on La Troisieme Note features some lesser known cuts from soft pop groups like Harpers Bizarre, The Turtles, The Zombies, The Hollies, Ars Nova, and The Free Design.

Along with these soft pop groups are lesser known tracks from artists Donovan, Bill Fay, Margo Guryan, Blossom Dearie, Jackie & Roy, and Harry Nilsson. Unlike most compilations filled with soft pop gems, these aren't really hard to find gems not available on cd.

Pink Floyd

title:: Ummagumma
label:: EMI/Capital Records

On Ummagumma you are always on edge. Even when you are calm there is something off. The breathy delivery of Water's vocals. The sinister organ that elevates garage rock to pontifical heights.

What true knack did Pink Floyd have? They could create music that went right to the resource of dopamine in a listeners brain.