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August 12, 2006

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

various artists
label:: Vampisoul

Run by a former Mercury Records A&R man, Shelby Singleton's SSS International label was a label based out of Nashville that released a variety of recordings that weren't country, and is especially interesting to soul collectors for the more obscure southern soul records released between 1967 and 1970.

The SSS International soul records aren't as well remembered as the records released on more prolific high profile labels like Stax/Volt, so it's a great place to dig up more obscure soul recordings.

Lily Allen

title:: Alright, Still
label:: EMI

Lily Allen is the daughter of UK actor Kieth Allen. that and a nice myspace page have immediately escalated her name into the conciousness of many music fans.

Alright, Still is her debut record, following the Smile single. It is a really good record. The song Smile is really good too.

Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb

title:: 2006
label:: Mental Groove

2006 is the first full length cd from Crowdpleaser (aka Gregor Schönborn) & St. Plomb (aka Vincent Kolb) after a series of 12" releases on Mental Groove Records and compilation appearances together.

2006 includes collaborations with Kate Wax, Paris The Black Fu, Stéphane Perrinjaquet and Kalabrese.


title:: Bardo Hotel Soundtrack
label:: Crammed Disc

Bardo Hotel is derived from the french no-name hotel where Beat writers and artists squatted while creating in the 1950's. It was at this sqaut hotel that William Burroughs worked on his cut-up/fold-in technique utilized in the novel, Naked Lunch.

Overall the sound is classic Tuxedomoon clarinet and trumpet with ambient, classical tones circling with samples and keyboards. There are no true drums or beats.