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July 28, 2006

The Lorraine Bowen Experience

title:: Vital Organs
label:: Sequin Skirt

Vital Organs is the fourth album from Lorraine Bowen, who arrived on the scene in 1996 with The Crumble Song on a Volume compilation called Misfits.

The Crumble Song has remained her signature song, and has been reprised on every album she has released since, including this one.

The John Schroeder Orchestra

title:: The Dolly Catcher
label:: Radioactive Records

The Dolly Catcher from 1967, also subtitled Music to Catch Dollies By, is an easy lounge album from The John Schroeder Orchestra that looks like a soundtrack but is really just a collection of easy covers with a handful of originals.

The songs supposedly all have a girl chasing theme, but its just a selection of tracks put together loosely with that theme but with no real connection between them.

The Girls of Hideaway Heaven

various artists
label:: Rare Rockin' Records

The Girls Of Hideaway Heaven compilation is the first in a series of compilations put out by the Australian label, Rare Rockin' Records and it's chock full of rare girl singers and some girl groups recorded mostly between 1961 to 1964, with a few later titles thrown in.

Chock full with 32 tracks total, this is goldmine of lesser known recordings, some of which are quite collectible.

North By North West

various artists
label:: Korova Records

The CD compilation North by North West (Memory Versus Oblivion) is a record of the inception of the fertile and strongly rooted post punk foundation from the english burgs of Manchester and Liverpool. It wasn't just the music but the producers, clubs and boutiques that fashioned the trend.

You may have gotten a taste of the times by seeing the movie 24 Hour Party People" and now the sounds being made are cataloged in convenient three CD-box set.