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Les Georges Leningrad


Supa Doopa


Troubleman Unlimited


Sup Doopa CD5 coverIn summer 2003 Montreal's Les Georges Leningrad appeared on the scene with their debut CD Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou. The disc sounds like it was made by progeny of Mars, Scissor Girls and Caroliner. It takes the best elements of those extreme bands and turns them into an art damaged rock band ready for the post-Electroclash set.

Even though their Resident's cover (Constantinople) gets the most attention, be sure to listen to Lollipop Lady and La Chienne - these two originals are excellent, and very listenable. If you love the extreme NY No Wave sound of 1981, be sure to listen to Georges V. Georges V has the completely over-the-top sound that characterized No Wave, but is not just style without substance - it is a great track. The band definitely knew what sound they were evoking - Prince R. was a short instrumental with sax straight out of the James White songbook.

Then in Fall 2004 they dropped a second record on us. Sur Le Traces de Black Eskimo. Like the first record it was put out by the Canadian label Alien8 Recordings. The sound of Les Georges Leningrad stayed pretty much the same as the first LP.

Sponsorships, Black Eskimo and Nebraska's Valentine are tracks that show the trio confident and focused. The vocals on Nebraska's Valentine sound like Lydia Lunch in her Queen of Siam period.

Now it is 2005 and Les Georges Leningrad have given us the first single from Sur Le Traces de Black Eskimo and moved to the Troubleman Unlimited label. Supa Doopa was a standout track, and here it appears in its original album format along with remixes by fellow Canadians Akufen and Christian Poirer, along with Detroit's Magas.

Supa Doopa has a low freq synth that booms like booty bass, and a vocal part that reminds me of Kate Pierson's trilling in B52's Rock Lobster.

The Akufen remix percolates along with most elements of the original song intact. He adds a smooth and steady electronic bed to the track. While this was initially my favorite mix, after awhile I chose the Magas mix.

The Magas remix is currently my favorite because it is truest in spirit to the band's original, yet it contains the Magas vision instead of the Les Georges Leningrad vision.

Christian Poirer has a mix that is about halfway between the Akufen and Magas mix.

The exclusive track Mein Name Ist Eva Brown is nothing to track down this EP for. It has a low-fi sound and annoyance factor straight out of Caroliner's finest moments.

---Carl, May 31, 2005